Design & Construction Projects

Amood Paya Construction and Design Company, Tehran, Iran

  • 2009, Valiasr Commercial and Administrative Tower

  • 2008, Elahieh Resitential Tower

  • 2007, Mollasadra Commercial and Administrative Center

  • 2007, More than six Design Projects for State Organization of School Renovation

  • 2006, Alborz Residential Building

Steel Alborz Company, Shiraz, Iran

  • 2006, Steel Alborz Factory including designing structures and machinery foundations

Seven Diamonds Industrial Company

  • 2005, Shamsabad Factory Plant / industrial complex

  • 2002, The foundation design of several steel production lines for Steel Cold Rolling and Galvanizing Plant, Qazvin, Iran including: Hot dip Continues Galvanized Line, Shear and Packing Line, Pickling Line, Reverse mill, Temper mill, Recoiling, Tandem mill, Rewinding, Annealing Furnaces, Roll Shop and Grinding

  • 2002, The design of steel/concrete/ masonry structures, overhead cranes and utilities for over 200,000 m2 area in 850,000 m2, Qazvin, Iran including: Industrial sheds with span ranged from 15m to 36m, height ranged from 8m to 40m and overhead cranes with capacities ranged from 3 to 100 tones, using truss and plate girder. The structural design of heavy-duty overhead cranes with single and double bridges. The design of concrete utility tunnels, the foundation design of Heavy Steel Coil Storage. The design of steel fuel storage tanks with capacity ranged from 500 to 2000 Kiloliters. The design of concrete water reservoir with capacity ranged from 2000 to 4000 m3

Other Design and Construction Companies at Tehran, Iran

  • 2001, Mirdamad Residential Building, Asachi and Partners Company

  • 2000, Structural Design of more than six buildings in eight floors with steel and concrete structures, Pasargad Engineering Consultant Company

  • 2000, Naraghi Sport Complex, Taghband Beton

  • 1999, Bahonar Recreational Complex, Taghband Beton

  • 1999, Velayat School, Taghband Beton, Islamshahr

  • 1998, Structural Strengthening Projects of three Schools, Tabdil Beton

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